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        Quality Policy: Take quality management as the key to survival, ensure customers satisfaction. Take technological innovation as an impetus to development, forge name brands of JOEL.   Business Concept:Take brand as a link, and creating values together with you.   Corporate Spirit :SolidarityDevoted, Down to Earth, Innovative
      Today is:
      Joel Plastics
        UFC grade composite pellets
        Urea Moulding Compoundgranules
        Use of products
      Joel formaldehyde
        Address: Nandu Town, Liyang City Industrial Zone No. 6 (at 104 State Road 1224 km)
      TEL0086 519 87685555  87685628
      FAX0086 519 87685698
      Contact: Mr. Li,xiao
      Mobile: 0086 13625113065
      Company Websitehttp://www.pucaratoursuyuni.com
      Company E-mailczjoel@163.com

        Address: The 8th Innovation Road Nandu Town, Liyang City
      TEL0086 519 68696803  68696805
      FAX0086 519 68696806
      Contact:Shaw  0086 15995059194
      Company Website
      Company E-mailczjoel@163.com

      JOEL top-grade compound UFC grain material is a Plastics macromolecule alloy made from triamine and UF Urea-formaldehyde resin as base materials and fibrin as the filling material in addition to other functional additives through special synthesization techniques

      .Features and Advantages of JOEL Top-grade Compound UFC Grain Material
      1. Graceful coloring, stable color and luster, wide range of toning options, customizable.
      2. The product is classified as of Easy fluidity and uneasy fluidity to accommodate requirements of Plastics injection modeling and compression modeling.
      3. The product is of good mechanical performance, impact-sustainability, toughness, hardness and smoothness.
      4. Permanently anti-static, excellent anti-arc anti-current leakage properties.
      5. High flame-resistance and good heat and water sustainability.
      6. Special bactericide and antiseptic effects; insoluble in petroleum and organic solvents.
      7. Innocuous, odorless and erosion-resistant, meeting European requirements for environmental protection.

      . Application of JOEL Top-grade Compound UFC Grain Material
      The JOEL top-grade Compound UFC Grain Material is made using equipments and patent technologies introduced from famous European companies. The manufacturing process employs the unique one-off grain manufacturing technology, wet coloring technique, scientific processes and unique and advanced formulas. We have successfully developed and manufactured high-end products in this field to accommodate the daily increasing demands in markets at home and abroad. The product quality has already met the UL certification standard of America, DIN7708 part standard of Germany and ISO14527:1999, so it has been widely adopted in all kinds of industries, including the manufacturing of daily commodities, electrical equipments and instruments, car communication, engineering and decoration, especially its application in manufacturing of high end switches, electrical equipments, high end cleaning utensils, toys, lamps and TELs has been increasing daily.

      . Selection of Modeling and Manufacturing Conditions
      To accommodate different requirements of the modeling industry, we have successfully developed compression modeled and Plastics injection modeled JOEL top-grade compound UFC grain materials according to requirements of different customers. The formation and manufacturing process must be carried out with suitable control parameters according to the shape, size, thickness and size of the forming machine and injecting machine to produce high quality finished products. The following are the parameters recommended for normal cases:
      Item Unit
      Compound UFC Model
      Compound UFCModel
      Temperature 145-155 140-135 150-165 150-165
      Pressure MN/m2 25-40 50-120 25-50 60-120

      IV, high-grade compound the UFC grain product main technical indicators
      Item Unit
      Compound UFC
      Compound UFC
      Test Methods
      d 25
      1.45-1.6 1.5-1.6 DIN53479
      Bulk Density g/1 650-800 700-850 DIN53466
      Shrinkage Ratio % 0.2-0.7 0.2-0.6 DIN53464
      Bending Strength N/mm2 80 80 DIN53452
      Impact Strength KJ/m2 7 7 DIN53453
      Notched Izod Impact Strength KJ/m2 1.5 1.5 DIN53453
      Water Absorption mg 300 200 DIN53459
      Martens Heat Resistance 100 120 DIN53458
      Dielectric Strength KV/cm 80 120 DIN53451
      Surface Resistance (Comparative value) 10 10 DIN53482
      Volume Resistance .cm 1011 1011 DIN53482
      Dielectric Dissipation Factor100HZ (Ton) 0.1   DIN53483
      Tracking Resistance KA KA2a KA3b DIN53480
      Flame Resistance Class 2a 2a DIN53459
      FluidityClosure Time of Cup Flow Compression Modelingin seconds 9-15 9-15 DIN53465

      . Packing and Storage of the Product
      Each bag of the product weighs 25kg0.1kg. The inner bag is made of three layers of compound kraft papers in addition to PE complex films. Each bag is marked with the trade mark, color number, batch number and weight.
      The JOEL top-grade compound UFC grain material product can be stored for 6 months under a temperature less than 25. This product tends to absorbing moisture, so place it in a cool and dry place under a temperature less than 25 and use it up as soon as possible within 6 months. While taking it out of the bag, take care to avoid dampness and dust.
      JOEL Plastics CO., LTD counts its survival on quality and its development on brand building. We would like to cooperate with merchants at home and abroad to research, develop and manufacture new products meeting the market demand to serve our customers wholeheartedly.
      Copyright @ 2010 Changzhou Joel Plastics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TEL:0086 519 87685555 FAX:0086 519 87685698 Su ICP 10055099
      AddressJiuxian Industrial Zone,Nandu Town,Liyang City, Jiangsu Province,China(located in 1224 kilometers in the National Highway 104)
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